Candles are an indispensable ornament to create a romantic atmosphere on a quiet night. However, you are greatly distressed by the long wick,
the toppling of wick and the black smoke generated by blowing out the candle.
Don't worry, candle care tools can easily help you solve these problems.

Candle Wick Scissors: The candle wick is too long can cause black smoke when burning, so it needs to be trimmed with candle wick Scissors.
Candle Wick Dipper: Candle wick inclination will lead to uneven burning of candle, so it needs to be straightened with candle wick dipper.
We can also use candle wick dipper to press the wick into the candle liquid to extinguish the candle.
Candle Snuffer: The candle bell is used to isolate oxygen and extinguish the candle to avoid black smoke generated by blowing out the candle.
Tray: It can be used to hold candle care tools after use to prevent them from contaminating the desktop.

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